Brochure design, Surrey

Leaflets, reports, flyers, booklets

I design brochures and reports for all types of businesses throughout Surrey and the UK. I’m equally comfortable developing and applying a new style in cases where clients have not had anything designed in print previously, as well as working within existing brand guidelines.

Freelance brochure designer, Surrey UK

AI strive to push the boundaries and extend what has been done previously in a meaningful and considered way to produce refined and thoughtful printed material. If you’re not sure what sort of format you need, I can discuss print options and provide advice about suitable print formats and techniques.

If you need help with the content for your brochure I can recommend copywriters that can help in drafting compelling copy. Depending on budget I can recommend photographers who specialise in a range of sectors or help with sourcing stock photography for your brochure. I can help with print buying and am used to liasing with printers to provide them with print-ready artwork and sign off proofs.

As well as brochure design for clients throughout Surrey, I also design:

  • Leaflet design and print
  • Powerpoint presentation design
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Corporate folders
  • Annual report design
  • Direct mail

If you have a brochure or printed project in mind and are looking for an brochure designer, feel free to email to discuss your requirements and get an idea of cost.



Freelance report design - ActionOak, UK

Action Oak, Cheshire

Annual reports designed for Action Oak to provide a summary of research undertaken and progress made in tackling current threats to UK Oak trees.

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Freelance research report design - UCEM, Reading, UK

UCEM, Reading

Annual research reports designed for University College of Estate Management in Reading, for the Harold Samuel Research Prize (2021 & 2022).

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Freelance report design - Surrey, UK

Generation CFO, Surrey

Set of reports designed to present data and research results from a quarterly survey of finance professionals - to provide current insights into the world of digital finance.

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Freelance brochure design - Electec, Surrey, UK

Electec, Surrey

Brochure style designed to illustrate the company's offering of high end electrical, audio and solar installations in homes throughout Surrey.

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Infographic design - Vitality House

Vitality House, Surrey

Brochure designed to summarise the company offering and highlight its unique position within the homeware sector, as well as giving information about their product list.

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