Freelance infographic designer

Surrey, UK

I have over 20 years’ experience working as a freelancer designer in infographics design and am based in Surrey, UK. I have worked on a wide range of bespoke infographic projects for businesses in a variety of sectors throughout the UK to complement their existing branding.

Freelance infographics designer, Surrey

A good infographic can help you communicate complex data in an engaging, clear and memorable way allowing the viewer to more easily absorb and understand the substance of the data. They can allow quick comparison of different data sets and help reveal the meanings within the data. Studies suggest that combining text and images improves retention of the information by the viewer which makes infographics one of the most effective tools for learning and retaining information. (View link)

As a freelance infographic designer, when presented with the data / information I look at the hierarchy within this - what’s most important and why and then work out how to communicate this visually, picking out the key points. I also look at your company branding and decide how to adapt the style of the infographic and incorporate brand elements (eg: colour scheme, typography) to create infographics that sit comfortably within and promote your brand.

I have experience in designing bespoke infographics for a range of industries and sectors including utilities / telecoms, medical devices, retail and property. Many of the companies I have designed for have a fairly specialised offering and had found it hard to find exactly what they needed in terms of infograhics from, for instance, an image stock library.

Engaging infographics tend to be more readily shared across social media and so are becoming an increasingly important part of digital content marketing for all sorts of businesses. They tend to appeal to a wider audience than a more text-heavy piece and can be used to refresh and re-purpose older, more text-heavy blog content.

If you have an infographics project in mind and are looking for an infographic designer, feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs and get an idea of cost.



Freelance infographic design - BAMA, Hertfordshire, UK


Infographic produced to illustrate annual aerosol filling figures in the UK and comparison with last year's figures, highlighting key findings.

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Freelance infographic design - Norwich, UK

Thrive Agency

Infographic produced to coincide with research findings and webinar on how digital is transforming the future of womens health.

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Freelance infographic design - Leatherhead, Surrey

Applied Photophysics

Series of infographics produced to communicate the processes involved in: vaccine, antiviral and biotherapeutic development for social media.

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Freelance infographic design - UCEM, Reading

UCEM, Reading

Series of infographics designed to display key report data in a clear way throughout the report, designed within UCEM brand guidelines.

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Infographic design - Luminet

Luminet / Chillibyte

Set of branded infographics designed for Luminet (while freelancing for Chillibyte) to promote their service offering and highlight the multiple benefits.

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Infographic design - Vitality House

Vitality House

Infographic spread designed within brochure to summarise key environmental facts and thereby highlight importance of company's brand position.

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