Freelancer logo designer

Surrey, UK

I have over 20 years’ experience working as a freelancer in logo design and am based in Surrey, UK. During this time I have worked on a wide range of bespoke branding and logo projects for both new and established businesses throughout the UK – some developed from scratch, while others have been re-branding or re-designing and developing an existing logo.

Freelancer logo design

As a freelancer, I always aim to provide a personalised, bespoke logo design service resulting in unique, authentic and meaningful designs. Many of the clients I have initially designed logos for have gone on to develop into longer term working partnerships and I have provided further design services (eg: website design, social media marketing, printed marketing material) as the need has arised.

A well-designed logo should inspire trust in your business so needs time and research to get right. It displays a level of quality and professionalism in an engaging way that can be difficult to achieve if following a more templated process. It is a process that can be hard to automate and shouldn’t be rushed. I aim to help you stand out from the competition by looking at your competitors prior to starting each logo design project. This ensures that the final logo is unique and bespoke to your business.

The logo design process

Logo design and branding generally is collaborative process built on meaningful communication with you, the client. Initially I spend time listening to how you describe your business and where you think it fits into the wider world, researching how competitors pitch their businesses and finding out what makes you unique.

After establishing the brief I usually spend 5 – 6 hours exploring different logo ideas and then refinine these options to present you with a selection of workable logo ideas. Following the first presentation I listen to your feedback on these options and together we can narrow down the options, discarding any of the ideas that you feel might not work.

I would usually then explore these chosen options – perhaps looking at different typographic options, various colours and alternative positioning of elements. In this back and forth collaborative process we eventually arrive at a final design.

Once the final logo design has been agreed I then supply the logo in various file formats (for printing / digital use) and can look at providing ideas for how it would work in a squarer format (eg: for social media profile pictures) if its current format is for example more rectangular. I can also supply basic branding guidelines with the logo so you know which colours and fonts have been used and may work with your logo for future marketing projects.

Occasionally clients approach me with a fairly clear idea already of what they want their logos to look like. In these cases the process tends to be much quicker, where it’s a case of exploring just a few options within what has been specified. I always aim to move the idea on and develop it in ways the client may not have thought of previously if we feel that’s needed.

In my experience of providing logo designs as a freelancer for all sorts of different businesses, I am used to gauging the amount of design work needed and adjusting this, when necessary, to fit in with your budget.

If you have a logo project in mind, feel free to get in touch


Freelance logo design projects

Freelancer logo design - Chimera

Chimera / logo re-design

Event and video production commpany got in touch to ask about re-designing their logo which they felt was looking slightly dated and overly complex.

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Freelancer logo design - Global Herbs

Global Herbs / logo re-design

Re-design of the Global Herbs logo to produce a more modern and simpler version. This was done in tandem with a wider re-branding exercise to re-design their packaging.

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Freelancer logo design - Evernutri

Evernutri / logo design

Working on a logo design initially for Evernutri (health supplements), I was then asked to look at packaging design and finally design and build of a custom Shopify site.

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Freelancer logo design - Blackmont

Blackmont / logo design

Logo and corporate stationery designed for Blackmont International. Producers of high spec construction products, they required a solid, prestigious and professional feel.

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Freelancer logo design - Heyland & Spratt

Heyland & Spratt / logo re-design

Logo re-designed for Surrey based construction company. Client requested a high-end feel to reflect the high quality / spec of their renovation and building projects.

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Freelancer logo design - Woodland Heritage

Woodland Heritage / logo design

Logo re-designed for UK charity whose aim is to promote UK woodland planting and management, while also linking up the British timber chain from growers to makers.

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Freelancer logo design - Villas Away, Surrey

Villas Away / logo re-design

Logo re-designed as part of a larger re-brand to conincide with a move to new premises. The brief was to modernise their logo, while retaining certain links to the original.

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Freelancer logo design - White Cube Consultancy, Surrey

White Cube Consultancy / logo design

I was asked to design a new logo for this IT consulting business and implement branding across corporate stationery.

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Freelancer logo design - The Beehive, Surrey

The Beehive / logo design

The client asked for a logo design with a vintage feel for a new interiors shop in Surrey. Following on from the logo design I looked at shop signage.

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