Freelance print designer

Surrey, UK

Experienced freelance print designer based in Surrey, UK. A wide range of print design projects for various clients throughout Surrey, London and Hampshire produced over the last 20 years.

Why print matters

In today’s crowded digital world, printed marketing material can make a big impact simply because it is more unusual. This is especially true when well-designed to communicate in a clear, concise and interesting way. There are myriad print processes out there that can be used to create unusual and tactile effects to leave a tangible and memorable impression on your clients. Print is less throw-away and can potentially be kept for weeks, months or even years unlike an email, which can be so easily deleted or a social media ad - quickly scrolled past. With the ability to print on recycled stock and use of organic inks it has become a more sustainable process these days.

When designed well, a good piece of print marketing helps confer a sense of professionalism and credibility to your company and is an important way to promote and extend your brand identity. As a freelance print designer I am happy to design within existing brand guidelines if these are already established. Alternatively I can look at creating and developing a set of style guidelines for you to ensure consistency across all your output (both print and digital).

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Freelance print design projects

Product catalogue design - Vitality House

Product catalogue design

Product catalogue designed to showcase various product ranges in a clear, coherent way while introducing some introductory spreads to give a bit of background to the ranges.

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Brochure design - Electec, UK

Company brochure design

Company brochure designed for Electec - providing information about the various parts of th company and the services provided. Established a brand style with this brochure for future communications.

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Training brochure design - Generation CFO

Training manual design

Worked with Generation CFO in establishing their brand identity - looking at colour palette and typography in developing a consistent style across a wide range of printed and digital marketing materials.

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Exhibition graphics banner design - Triometric

Exhibition banner design

Printed exhibition banner designed for long-term cient Triometric while developing a consistent brand style across their printed and digital communications.

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Annual journal design - Woodland Heritage

Annual journal design

Annual journal re-designed as part of a wider re-branding exercise for UK charity - Woodland Heritage. Grid-based layout with multiple spreads designed for varying journal content.

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Corporate stationery design - White Cube

Business card design

Logo, business cards, comp slips and letterheads (corporate stationery) designed for Surrey startup business requesting a clear, simple yet professional feel.

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Postcard / Flyer design - Action Oak UK

Postcard / flyer design

Set of promotional postcards designed with striking competition-winners' photography combined with brief summary of info about the charity.

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