Freelance Packaging Designer

Surrey, UK

The way your product is presented on the outside says a lot to customers about what your product is like on the inside so needs to communicate your brand positioning in a clear and engaging way.

Freelance packaging design, Surrey

As a freelance packaging designer I can help with the exterior design of your product - whether it’s a luxury offering or budget, or anything in between. I look at the graphic style and content (colours, fonts, imagery) as well as what is available in terms of materials and container types, to create something that stands out from the competition and communicates your offering clearly.

Packaging design process

I start by finding out as much as I can about your product - what differentiates it from others in the market place, and how it fits into the wider spectrum of what’s on offer. I research the competition thoroughly and how they package their offerings to ensure that your product is presented in a unique way. I look at how your existing branding can be extended into the packaging and can also help develop branding from scratch if you don’t yet have anything established.

I’m happy to liase with the printers to make sure the designs fit the packaging artwork template or can develop a new artwork template. So from initial concepts to finished design and artwork I can help ensure that the whole process operates smoothly.

Working for a range of clients throughout Surrey and the South East, I have experience of designing packaging for a range of sectors, specifically: household, animal feed, nutrition and beauty.

Eco-packaging design

With the tide starting to turn on plastics and increasing numbers of cities around the world banning certain types of plastic packaging, it’s increasingly important for the planet and your brand to be aware of the more sustainable options within packaging. Keeping abreast of recent developments in packaging, I can help suggest ideas for new packaging materials and advise on printers and producers.

If you have a packaging project in mind and are looking for a freelance designer, feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs and get an idea of cost.


Packaging design projects

Medicare medical device packaging - Essex


Packaging designed and updated in line with current regulations, for Essex based company Medicare - range of packaging for various medical devices.

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Evernutri packaging design - Surrey


Logo and packaging designed for Surrey based company - Evernutri's range of premium quality nutritional supplements.

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Packaging re-design - Global Herbs, Chichester

Global Herbs

Packaging re-designed and updated for Sussex based company - Global Herbs, for their natural equine feed supplements.

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Freelance packaging design - Etiam / Aromacy

Etiam / Aromacy

Logo and packaging designed for two new beauty brands, for Bradford based company - Etiam and Aromacy.

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